One of the most seasoned routines for treatment in the East is to massage points on your body. Altogether, the human body has 365 points and 12 primary meridians, which is indistinguishable to the quantity of how much days and months we have.

ZU SAN LI-Point of Longevity, Or Point of Hundred Diseases. If You Massage This Spot On Your Body, It Will Do Wonders For Your Health!

Working of pressure point massage, back rub and finger weight on particular focuses, is in view of the teachings of the meridians and channels that are connected with particular organs. In China it is known as a point of life span and in Japan as a point of a hundred illnesses .

Point of live span is under your kneecap. If you want to find her you have to put your hand palm on the same knee. You will find the point between ends of the ring and little finger like small hollow between the bones.

You can use another way to find it.

Sit down on the floor, press immovably your feet on the floor and force them to you, but dont lift the heels off the floor. You will perceive that beneath the knee showed up height. Locate the most astounding point of heights, put finger on her and take a beginning position. Point on which you squeezed a finger is the point Zu San LI

With massaging the Zu San Li point you can help with these health issues:


Improve digestion

Treat the effects of stroke

Treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

The suppression of inflammatory processes in the body

Normalization of blood pressure

Normalization of glucose, insulin

Regulation of the immune function