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Yummy Wine Fruits

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at 2015.10.23
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I got a surprise treat for you! I found a recipe for some tasty wine fruit gummies. It’s fruit gummies made out of your favourite wine. Cant get any better than that right? But it can. You could also do this with your favourite cocktails like Pina coladas and margaritas. I made these for girls night out for my buddies and me and we couldn’t get enough. The were so tasty that we added them to our beverages and froze a few. It turned out to be a pleasant treat for our special occasion. We’ve even made a decision to make it a routine to make the for all our get-togethers and bbqs. Astonishingly, it was even enjoyed by the guys as well, so we tested to make a beer flavored fruit gummy. The recipe is not difficult to follow and you’ll be able to make up your own experiments.

Read the recipe here:



I found a recipe

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