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World’s Most Expensive Bottle of Red Wine

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at 2015.08.05
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Dubai is understood for taking everything to the extreme. House to the world”s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, along with an endless amount of other extravagances, it”s not surprising the city is, in addition, the source of the world”s most¬†Expensive Bottle of red wine.

The wine pictured above is a Chateau Margaux 2009 that first went on sale at Le Clos” main shop at the Dubai International Airport in 2013. The limited edition bottle was priced at a just… !. $195,000

Sound like a lot? Well, remember that these are Balthazars, which hold 12 total liters of wine. A typical bottle holds 750 ml, and that means you’re actually getting 16 for the purchase price of 1… at a cost of only over $12,000 per bottle.

If you”re still not convinced that”s the top investment for your hard-won cash, for equal quantity of money, you can purchase over 75,000 bottles of vino at most Trader Joe”s. Now, that would be money well spent.

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