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Wine In A Blender…Changes Everything I Knew About Good Wine

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at 2015.07.09
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Wine In A Blender? Confession: I enjoy affordable wine. (As long as it doesn’t include an excessive amount of arsenic.)

I enjoy wine and I don”t like spending an excessive amount of money, therefore it only makes sense. But occasionally, low-cost wine can leave a bit to be desired in the flavor group. Are we penny-pinching wine lovers supposed to simply grin and bear it? Certainly not.

With this hack that is simple, you can have your low-cost wine tasting better immediately. And all you require is a blender.

(via Slate)

While you could only purchase a higher priced bottle, this really is certainly the considerably more economically sensible selection. And even though placing wine in a blender may seem silly, aerating your wine does wonders.

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