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Wine Bottle Light

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at 2015.09.24
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I can still recall the very best wine. Fresh clear and bursting with flavour, it was an ideal accompaniment to a wonderful meal I shared with family to observe my landing a job abroad. The bottle was a work of art, the glass etched with fine tendrils and miniature blossoms creeping up towards the neck. It was so exquisite that I needed to keep it as a memento of the incredible night we had, but I understood that it wasnt practical to transport a delicate bottle in my bag to a different state, particularly as space in my bag was really going to be restricted. Ever since then, Id seen many bottles of wine, but none that had struck me as particularly interesting or appealing nicely, it turned out to be a tough act to follow. Yet, all that’s lately transformed thanks to this advanced and amazing manner of utilizing an empty bottle to make subtle lighting for romantic evenings. With this kind of magnificent job waiting, its an ideal reason to pour yourself another glass!

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