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When You See What This Guy Can Do, You’ll Be Convinced He’s Actually Magical

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at 2016.03.01
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When Vine first showed up on the social media scene, I was totally into it. I posted my stupid little 6-second videos, and they weren”t very good. After a few months, I decided to quit and try to find something more productive to do. But later on, I saw what people were truly capable of doing on Vine, and quickly discovered some amazing artists on the network.

However, none of the Vine stars hold a candle to Zach King. He makes all of our Vines look silly, and my jaw was on the floor when I saw this compilation of his best works.

(via Zach King Vine)

If you don”t think these are amazing, then I don”t know what will impress you. The time and patience it takes to create one of these is unbelievable. If you”re not impressed with the final product, you have to at least be impressed with King”s dedication. He”s truly a master of the craft.

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