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What This Woman Attempted To Smuggle Through Security Is A Total Shock

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at 2016.04.24
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I think we can all agree that the cost of travel is getting a bit ridiculous. It seems like every transportation service now has increased baggage fees, insane change fees, and hundreds of tacked-on fees that make absolutely no sense. It”s no wonder some people bring a tiny carry-on filled only with essentials. Some people avoid travel altogether to save themselves the hassle.

Then there are those individuals who will do anything to avoid the fees, even if that means breaking the law in the process. One woman took this to new levels on the border of the Spanish territory of Ceuta. Her seemingly normal suitcase contained something very real and very illegal.

(via BBC, Daily Mail)

The woman carrying the child, the boy”s mother, and his father were all arrested for child smuggling. Sadly, this kind of smuggling is fairly common; 16,000 people tried to enter Ceuta this way last year, with around 5,000 succeeding. The other 9,000 likely met swift and bitter justice like this family, sometimes with worse consequences than arrest. Let”s just hope that the child is safe and in better hands.

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