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What Police Discovered In This Man’s Yard Is Absolutely Nuts

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at 2016.05.10
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Police were investigating a suspect’s yard when they suddenly got a bad feeling about the search. The ground beneath their feet just didn’t feel right…and I mean that quite literally. After a few minutes, they decided to move the planks that they were standing on.

That’s when they found a trapdoor that led to a secret tunnel.

Officers ended up charging a man named Douglas Scott Pentland with 15 counts of breaking and entering.

Investigators first found electronics in the strange passageway.

But they quickly figured out that the collection was pretty diverse, to say the least.

There were also bows and firearms stashed in the tunnel.

Police started adding up how much the collection was worth, and it became clear that most (if not all) of the items were stolen.

Overall, they found roughly 100 items that had been taken from homes across Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Here’s a summary that was posted on the Calgary Police Service’s Facebook page.

(via The Washington Post)

Police have opened up an official investigation, and they’re discovering more damning evidence every day. They have yet to determine the magnitude of the scheme, but they’re working tirelessly to get to the bottom of it.


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