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What He Does With A Shotgun Will Make You Think Twice About Gun Safety

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at 2016.06.07
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If you”re a gun owner, it is imperative that you practice safety when handling the firearm. It”s important because being reckless with a gun could cause injuries and even fatalities.

But with guns becoming trickier and trickier to operate, gun safety is now more important than ever. Technology has gotten even more confusing than it was before, and gun owners are left wondering if they can even safely operate the guns they purchase.

This gun owner, for instance, is showcasing his brand-new shotgun and the “safety features” that it comes with. He shows how the gun could be fired without pulling the trigger all while the safety is on. But how?

(via YouTube)

This is exactly why you never want to point a gun at someone. You never know what that thing can do. It”s always important to make sure you know how to operate your firearm after you purchase it, otherwise you could get yourself into a whole bunch of trouble.


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