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Watch This Mysterious, Ghost-Like Figure Chase A Car Down A Dirt Road

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at 2016.02.25
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The Internet is appropriately freaked out by this chilling footage from the U.K. It features a hunchbacked figure cloaked in white chasing a car as it desperately tries to back away. The video was taken around Blackburn, England, which is significant for those aware of the Blackburn Ghost haunting the area.

Centuries ago, a monk was killed in the nearby Turton Tower. Coincidentally, the footage was shot in early January, around the time when the monk was killed back in 1643. Could this be the monk still seeking revenge?

(via Huffington Post)

In case you were wondering, the screaming person was speaking in Arabic. “Move the car backwards. Faster! Faster!” he pleads of the driver. Some redditors claim that this is a clear hoax, or possibly a student film. Regardless, I don”t plan on going down any muddy British roads anytime soon.

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