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This Tranquil Footage Of Black Friday In 1983 Proves How Things Got Out Of Hand

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at 2016.02.19
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Black Friday is finally over. I don”t know about you, but I was afraid to turn on my TV to see the body count on the news. I watched what I thought was a scene from a zombie movie for the past couple of years…until I realized that it was coverage of Black Friday. Did it always used to be like this?

Apparently not. In a clever use of editing and juxtaposition, survival enthusiast group On Point Preparedness edits together footage of Black Friday in 1983 and today to show just how out of hand things really are during the holiday shopping season.

The crumbling civilization stuff at the end might be a little heavy handed, but it does make you think. Are we really getting greedier as a nation? We”re at least a bit more unhinged during holiday shopping, that”s for sure.

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