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This Is The World’s Most Unconventional – And Violent – Way To Remove A Loose Tooth

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at 2016.04.30
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Javelin throwing is an exciting Olympic Sport. But when you”re a retired champion, there aren”t many real-world applications for such a hyper-specific skill set. Sure, it”s a good party trick, but how many parties take place on an Olympic sized track?

So when 2008 gold-medal decathlon winner Bryan Clay”s daughter asked him to tie a javelin to her loose tooth, he was happy to oblige.

Based on the girl”s unfazed reaction, it seems like Clay family uses the javelin for a lot of domestic duties. It”s a good thing that tooth was tied correctly, because I”m sure this Olympian could”ve thrown his daughter along with the javelin if he wanted to.


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