Apples we buy in stores are mostly imported because the fruits from this area cannot be born throughout the year.

This Fruit Looks Like an Ordinary Apple, but It Can Kill You!

Poisonous apples, which are native to Florida, but can be found on the Bahamas, the Caribbean, South and Central America are a major cause for concern because of the similarity that may cause confusion among sellers.

The literal translation of the name of the Spanish language for the apple is little apple and was physically very similar to ordinary apples you can buy anywhere.

The apple tree is one of the most poisonous in the world, as evidenced by the name of little apple of death, while the wood itself and the apples contain powerful toxins that when consumed can cause terrible dermatitis.

If you get in a strong rain storm and you are below the crown of the apple, your skin can be burned from the bumps of the liquid that flows down the leaves.