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This Could Could Prove Once And For All How Haunted This High School Is

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at 2016.02.26
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Students at Pocatello High School in Pocatello, Idaho, might finally have proof that their beloved school is haunted. New security camera footage from before the 2014 holiday break shows a shadowy figure stalking the school”s hallways.

Pocatello High School has long been the site of unexplained events. Last year, paranormal investigators were called in after multiple reports of someone tampering with the school”s lights. In the past, students say they have heard toilets flushing with no one in the stalls. Some theater students have said they”ve heard people talking, or the piano playing in the auditorium when they were alone.

Could this video have finally captured the specter responsible for Pocatello High School”s strange happenings? Check it out below.

(via: Local News 8)

School officials say that the surveillance video above is completely raw and there”s no way it could have been tampered with. Could this be the ghost of Pocatello High?

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