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This 16th Century Fresco Is Breathtaking Until You Look Closer…Then It Gets Weird

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at 2016.04.23
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As much as we exalt centuries-old paintings as “high art,” a lot of what’s depicted are just scenes of naked people hanging out in nature.

And this one is no different.

While examining Giulio Romano’s version of Cupid and Psyche’s wedding banquet, painted from 1526-1528, Redditor porcellus_ultor admired the beautiful, and oftentimes erotic detail that characterizes the later years of the Renaissance…until he noticed a figure hidden in the bushes. He appears to be enjoying the naked festivities a little too much, cowering suspiciously in the background. Can you spot him?

Here is the famous wedding between Cupid and Psyche, as described by Lucius Apuleius Madaurensis in his second-century novel “Metamorphoses.”

Cupid was sent by the jealous Venus to force Psyche to fall in love with someone hideous, but the god of desire was scratched by his own arrow and immediately fell in love with the beautiful mortal woman.

But it seems this A-list wedding has been crashed.

No, we’re not talking about the drunken satyrs. Anyone from antiquity expected them to find the party.

Who is this creep…and why is he shirtless in the bushes??

Some Reddit commenters have suggested that it’s exactly what you think — Romano painted a peeping Tom overlooking the hottest celebrity wedding in Roman mythology. Others think it’s possible that this figure is just a herma, a kind of sculpture used by the Greeks to mark boundaries of land.

Either way, it’s a creepy find.

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