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They Were Exploring An Old Asylum When They Caught Something Weird On Camera

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at 2016.06.04
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When you agree to explore an abandoned insane asylum, you know you’re setting yourself up for a spooky encounter or two.

And that’s why it should come as no surprise when you ultimately discover weird entities hanging out in your photos. This is something that Redditor DocIsIn knows all too well.

DocIsIn and a few friends decided to make a night out of exploring the old Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in West Virginia. One of the many photos they took was of this ordinary-looking hallway.

Later in the night, they came back to the hallway to regroup. That’s when they took this photo. Kind of freaky, but no ghosts.

This image was captured about 3 minutes after the one above it. Notice anything spooky in the back behind the door? What could be casting a shadow like that?

Here’s an enhanced version. See what I’m talking about? Even the other users on the r/Paranormal subreddit seem convinced that this shadow is something otherworldly.

(source: Reddit)

While that is plenty freaky, it’s not exactly unexpected if you’re hanging out in places like this. Just saying.


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