More than a half of British people dont know that there is a relationship between alcohol consumption and cancer, according to a recently conducted research, and it seems the situation is the same throughout the world.

British study demonstrated that only 47 percent of people are aware that there is a link between drinking alcohol and the potentially fatal disease, but even 83 percent would support that the alcohol beverages should be labeled with the amount of nutritional value and health information.These are the Drinks That Cause Cancer, and We Drink Them Often and in Large Amounts

Sarah Williams, which works on the study of cancer, says: Alcohol is a scientifically proven cause of cancer, but the public is not aware of that. And not only alcoholics but also people who regularly drink are at greater risk of seven different types of cancer, including mouth and breast cancer.

Alcohol is currently excluded from EUs regulations to which it is bound to write the ingredients and nutritional value of the products and soft drinks, despite being classified to be in the first group of causing cancer, according to the World Health Organization.

Its amazing that the mandatory set of labels is on cereal boxes, but not on alcoholic beverages that can seriously endanger the health, noted Ian Gilmore, president of the AHA, which aims to reduce the impact of alcohol and increase the prevention of alcoholism.

Although 91 percent of respondents felt that the impact of alcohol on health should be highlighted, only 31 percent knew the correct link between alcohol and breast cancer. If there were inscriptions on the alcoholic drinks, everyone could make a better choice, Williams thinks and concludes: Reducing alcohol intake may reduce the risk of cancer. So people should drink alcohol rarely or not at all and drink other beverages.