Have you noticed that often spine problems cause pain in completely different parts of the body? Then we start treating other diseases, but of course nothing helps.


That is why, its necessary to pay special attention to the spine.

So every time you feel pain you can If you feel pain, you can determine from which part of the spine it comes, you can observe the anomalies, and thus point out the problems with certain organs.

The infographic above will show you how the organs are connected with the spine.

Osteopaths state thatapproximately 70% of headaches are coming from the spine.

Vision problems,ringing in the ears, difficulty swallowing food all this can be caused by a dysfunction intervertebral disc door.

Check the neck part of your spine every time youre experiencing numb hands and hand pain.

Problems with the chest part of the spine can lead to stomach, intestine ache and heart pain.

Issues with the lumbar part of your spine can affect, not only the pain in your lower back, but it can manifest itself as thigh pain,hip pain, it affects walking by impairing the sensitivity of the legs.

Therefore, strengthening and treating the spine will help you get rid of problems with other organs.