Even though many people think that the antiperspirant and deodorant are the same thing, they will be surprised because it is not true. The deodorant allows perspiration, but suppresses the unpleasant smell of sweat.

While the antiperspirant, contains chemicals that clog the pores and prevent the sweating.

It is forced upon us by the mass media and the advertisements that unless we dont use an antiperspirant we will insult the people around us.

Some people feel uncomfortable even when they are using deodorant, which prevents the unpleasant smell, because they sweat and think that they are just mixing the smell of the deodorant with the smell of sweat.

If we leave aside this opinion, and look at the scientific findings which say that, most of the deodorants not only camouflage the smell of sweat, but because of their antiseptic ingredients they destroy the bacteria causing the unpleasant smell.The-Causes-Of-Breast-Cancer

The negative consequences for your health

Both the deodorants and antiperspirants can cause serious consequences for the human health.

Many experts in the medical field believe that because sweating is a natural way to cool down your body temperature, preventing sweating with blocking the pores is not healthy.

What is more terrifying is the fact that the chemical found in the antiperspirants (e.g., aluminum) can cause many serious diseases including cancer.

Recent studies have shown a correlation between breast cancer and regular use of antiperspirants. The risk increases even more if the antiperspirant is used immediately after shaving.

The aluminum is absorbed through the skin, into the bloodstream and then accumulating in the brain. This phenomenon has beenconnected with the increase in Alzheimers disease, by scientists.

Before there was a belief that the deodorant is much safer than the antiperspirant.

But few recent studies have confirmed the association of parabens, with breast cancer. The parabens are contained in many deodorants. A simple example, is the autopsy of a woman dying from breast cancer, in which high amount of parabens were found in her breast tissue.

By now you should have your concerns regarding this issue.

What we are going to recommend to you is, of course, the use of natural products and eco cosmetics. Most of us dont like to admit the fact that we let some cosmetic gigants wash our brains with commercials and advertisements about organic foods and bio-natural foods, but all they have from the organic and bio natural origin is their names, because, they have no trace of natural ingredients. Prepare yourself with knowledge, gather information about the products and the company that produces them, read the ingredients, to avoid becominga victim of certain lobbies!

Source : www.healthylifevision.com