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Self Chilling Stemless Wine Glasses

A patent-pending beverage chilling technology chills while maintaining flavor. Dimple integrated self chilling technology keeps beverages cold to the last drop without diluting your drink with melting ice. Simply freeze…


18 Clever Things To Do With

World inside photographs present you smart and truly amazing thoughts the best way to decorate with wine glasses. You can Do it your self or you may pay a person…


Attention Clumsy Winos… Someone Created Spill

A glass made just for clumsy winos 😉


Music with Wine Glasses… This Guy

The majority of us who’ve left our, shall we say, less complex days behind us in school nowadays choose to sip on the best of life’s finer things: wine. The…


This Husky Puppy Is Intrigued By

Some hear music, some just hear Wine Glass Noises. So it makes me wonder what Kira the six-week old Siberian Husky pup is hearing… The odd sounds makes for some…


Wine Glass Decorating, Give Them A

In the event you are embarrassed to take out your wine glasses since they are dated or perhaps you are simply tired of looking at exactly the same old things……


At my age I need glasses

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Wine Going Going Gone

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