Do you remember the problems Rick Simpson had in his Canadian Nova Scotia community trying to bring the cannabis oil cures he and others used to cure themselves of various cancers cells? Rick thought the world was ready for him to share the good news from his as well as his townspeoples encounters.Research Proving Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells Safely has been Suppressed Since 1974

After numerous efforts to obtain cannabis oil permitted through the court with several endorsements from those which had actually been assisted, Rick realized this essential harsh reality: The cancer sector does not desire a cure for cancer.

He was increasing the hemp on his land, making the cannabis oil, and sharing it without cost to those who required it after curing his skin cancer and an increasingly extreme neurological post concussion condition from a head injury that drugs only exacerbated. The townspeople were treated of many problems, including lung cancer cells. All of them had actually been failed by mainstream medicine.

Rick removed himself from Canada and exiled himself to Amsterdam, Netherlands, at first. Now he visits the world dispersing the wonders of marijuana healing to whoever is willing to listen. You can see his full length documentary below.

The Constantly Disappearing Cannabis Research from 1974

In 1974, the NIH (National Institutes of Health) funded the Medical College of Virginia to show that marijuana obstructs the immune system and also ruins brain cells. This study was ammunition that the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), started under the Nixon administration to validate even more throwing of the marijuana smokers into prison.

Unfortunately for the DEA as well as the war on medicines, the researchers came upon some intriguing outcomes with their lab rats. They found that cancer cells were getting destroyed, and the healthy cells were untouched. The immune systems were improved, not hindered. Well, that was the conclusion of that study.

Their funding was canceled at the behalf of the DEA, as well as the study papers were ruined. In 1976, President Gerald Ford stopped all research study on marijuana other than Big Pharmas efforts at developing artificial THC. In 1983, various other college proving ground which were privy to copies of the Virginia research study documents were advised by the Reagan management to destroy them.

The Virginia medical university secured research grants for additional query into cannabis recovery potentials in 1996 and 2006, both refuted. Their 1974 researches were overlooked by the mainstream media besides one short reference of it in the Local Section of the Washington Post.

The files went into such a memory hole that scientists in Madrid, Spains in 2000s significant innovation research study of marijuana TCH cannabinoid results on cancer, could not obtain them for their paper. Madrids lead analyst, Dr. Manual Guzman commented: I understand the presence of that research study. Actually I have actually tried many times to obtain the article on the original examination by these folks, but it has shown impossible.

This statement was made when an independent investigatory journalist got document copies from a California college as well as faxed them over. By then, the Madrid research study was finished.

Yet also the Madrid revolutionary research study on rats was neglected by basically all our mainstream media. Not only did this research study show efficacy on decreasing mind cancer tumors in rats, they likewise checked healthy and balanced rats with THC to view if there were any kind of unsafe results. They found no dangerous results on typical brain tissues.

Presently, two large medical facilities in Israel, Sheba and Abarbanel, are doing effective professional studies as well as treatments on humans with cannabis for numerous conditions, funded by the Israeli government. But our mainstream media cannot touch that.
Rick Simpson obtained much more favorably objective TV media insurance coverage in Canada when he was attempting to bring cannabis healing cancer to the focus of every one in 1999. By the way, he wasnt trying to money in with any sort of licenses.

Anecdotal Testimonies as well as Independent Studies Confirm Cannabis Cancers Efficacy and also Safety.

Any person which watches alternative wellness info on the net isnt really blocked by traditional medias lack of direct exposure. There have been numerous anecdotal recoveries from terminal cancer cells videotaped by people at the age of 80. Congratulations to Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN for doing a public 180 turnaround on his previous anti-cannabis stance while covering marijuana healing between epileptic children.
Certainly, cannabis is both effective and also safe. It causes apoptosis on lump cancer cells. Apoptosis is cellular programmed cell death (PCD) thats part of normal cells die-off and substitute from new cells. But cancer cells dont do apoptosis. They merely keep on going and expanding. Cannabinoids additionally inhibit angiogenis, which lumps make use of to create capillary that provide sugar for their metabolism.

So cannabis generates apoptosis to kill cancer cells and also inhibits angiogenis to remove their food products. And as the Madrid research study confirmed and anyone who has used or utilizes marijuana can affirm, healthy and balanced cells are not harmed. Thats what typical oncologys therapies do.

Its easily posible that several of the cancer cells deaths stated are in fact from the chemo and radiation treatments. But the Medical Mafia does not state that. They claim fatality from cancer. At the same time fund raisers keep fooling suckers into investing cash, time, and also energy to discover that remedy for cancer cells.

Cannabis cautions: Smoking is the least reliable for curing. Making use of a vaporizer or vaping is a lot better. Taking in marijuana oils or pastes is the very best approach. However disregarding lifestyle and also diet plan practice changes could reverse whats gained from any different cancer treatments.

Belows an instance of a child which was cured of brain cancer without undergoing the ruthlessness of surgery, radiation, or brain cancer. Instead, he was provided cannabis oil by means of his pacifier. The infant was totally healed within 8 months. After 2 months of observed progress, the pediatric oncologist who had provided the diagnosis aborted any type of future therapies that would certainly cause much more harm, calling him a wonder child.

This short video report of that wonder infant is complete with brain scans revealing development and recovery, which only the Huffington Post stated within whats taken into consideration in traditional media.

For those who demand scientific studies, there is a list of many here and others here as well.

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