This medication is often recommended by doctors to patients with decreased immunity. It is rich in active ingredients that help the body fight all kinds of illnesses, but it can be consumed by healthy people also.Powerful Natural Remedy Against Cancer And Reduced Immunity - Recipe That Can Cha


  • 12 a liter of lemon juice (obtained from about 1 kg. of lemons) mixed nicely with:
  • 1 kg. of honey (if the honey is crystallized, mix until it melts)
  • 12 a jar of Tahini in which you add the crushed:
  • 250g. of almonds
  • 250g. of walnuts
  • 250g. of hazelnuts
  • 250 g. of sesame (grinded with a machine)
  • 10 g. of cinnamon, grounded or 10 g. of nutmeg, grated
  • 30 ml. of propolis

This remedy gives excellent results. Patients sick from cancer and patients that are beginning chemotherapy should take the whole dose 4 tablespoons daily as follows:

  • The first spoonful in the morning on an empty stomach,
  • Second spoonful 2 hours after breakfast,
  • Third spoonful 2 hours after lunch,
  • And the last, fourth spoonful at night before bedtime.

When you determine that your immunity is on a desired level you can reduce the dose in half or take a total of 4 small teaspoons a day following the same schedule. The reduced dose can be taken by healthy people to maintain the immunity high.