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Picking The Perfect Wine? Seek The Wine Guru

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at 2015.07.27
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Picking The Perfect Wine may not be easy. Others out there might have specific tastes in regards to vino while I generally rely on whatever has the most affordable price tag. Whichever way you look at it, the choices can appear quite overwhelming.

That”s the reason why we advocate checking in with the world”s most adorable wine guru,
Shiba Sommelier. The NYC-based pup certainly picked up a pointer or two and has tagged while her owners have worked to become Masters of Wine. Her nose knows what wine lovers desire.

The shiba system places them on a scale of one to five bones and breaks down each bottle by cost. Costs vary from under $15 ($) to over $100 ($), something for when awarding the bones, she accounts. The website describes, “there are lots of great value wines out there in the $ and $ cost ranges that are completely 5/5 bones at their price points!” For $$$ wine, $15 ( requires it to be tail- tasty. $15 ( takes the time to go into detail about the flavors seen in each bottle. Take a look at a few of our favourite shots under!

“Nom nom nom!”

“I”m dreaming of drinking this wine all over again!”


Still a bit buzzed…

Still a little buzzed...

“This one was particularly earthy!”

“Perfect for a July 4th party!”

Seemingly, all the cool kids would enjoy this one.

Apparently, all the cool kids would like this one.

“A small wine, a small ambiance – an ideal pairing.”

“I”ll do as many tricks as needed for more of the bottle!”


“Elaborate flavors deserve elaborate accessories.”

“Occasionally, The site can”t help but feel a little French…”

"Sometimes, I can

“This one is great for a masquerade party!”

Best when paired with…raw hide?

Best when paired with...raw hide?

“Excellent on the nose.”

“This one is best when enjoyed with a straw hat on…”

Seemingly wines go nicely with hats?

Apparently most wines go well with hats?

“Oof, NOT my favorite.”

“Are you gonna finish that?”

Head over to her website before hitting the liquor store up tonight. You won”t be sorry!

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