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Old Wine Corks Get New Life With 25 Super Simple Crafts

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at 2015.07.19
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If there”s one thing you need to be saving after family dinners, celebrations, or some sort of get together, it”s wine corks.

We often drop these small cylindrical goodies in the garbage like they don”t even matter, but in fact, you can do a great deal more with them than just reseal your wine. After seeing the listing of trendy crafts below, you”ll see how versatile these small touches of cork actually are.

1. Magnets


Spice up your fridge”s face with these awesome letter magnets.

2. Fire starters

Fire starters

Soaked in booze, these corks can get a campfire started

3. Drawer knobs

Drawer knobs

Get the directions to make these here.

4. Vase


Ditch boring glass vases for all these cork containers.

5. Lampshade


Picture enjoying a good glass of wine by the gentle light of a cork-shaded lamp.

6. Embroidered necklace

Embroidered necklace

Upcycle those corks and turn them into , embroidered jewelry that is wonderful.

7. Curtain


This wine cork drape would be ideal for the entranceway to a wine cellar.

8. Picture board

Photo board

Post significant notes or simply pictures of you as well as your friends drinking wine.

9. Glass labels

Glass labels

Glass labels that are ideal for celebrations, these cork are useful and adorable.

10. Chandelier


The results are clearly worth the effort, although it seems rough to make.

11. Coasters


Show off your crafty side and keep your wooden tabletops clean with these cork coasters.

12. Key chains

Key chains

I lose keys manner too frequently not to give these a try and drink wine.

13. iPhone stand

iPhone stand

This iPhone stand can be made by you, or simply purchase it here.

14. Herb garden labels

Herb garden labels

Never lose track of which plant is which with these cork garden labels.

15. USB drive

USB drive

Because techies love their DIY crafts, also.

16. Mulch


For the wine-loving gardener.

17. Basket


This wine cork basket is great for a picnic (particularly if you”re bringing wine).

18. Tabletop


Here is an ideal accent for countertop or a pub where liquor and wine are kept.

19. Cosmetic tiki statues

Decorative tiki statues

Add some dash to any room with these small men.

20. Wine bottle stopper

Wine bottle stopper

This might seem clear, but these trendy bottle stoppers are an excellent strategy to get more from your old corks.

21. Jewelry organizer

Jewelry organizer

Keep your jewelry in order with this smart craft.

22. Birdhouse


The birds in your backyard will value your love of wine.

23. Postages


Make custom stamps by carving shapes into corks that are left over.

24. Candles


Use old corks to create these candle holders that are elegant.

25. Cosmetic wall art

Decorative wall art

Warm up a room with a cunning DIY cork hanging.

See? There are lots of creative and different methods to use those old wine corks! Quit throwing away all that possibility and begin making a few of these nifty cork crafts today.

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