Ive mentioned multiple times to it that I’m a picky eater. This surprises lots of folks since Im a food blogger. My fiance likes to give me a tough time whenever I say that I dont like something. He constantly appears to believe its because I’ve never attempted it. And that could be true. Ten years back I might have eaten an egg to this day I promise to not enjoy eggs and that I didnt enjoy.

Im sharing a post that I did for the Living Litehouse site offering up some suggestions for picky eaters now. The post comes with a pasta and mushroom dish. Im trying my best to try them here and there although I usually dont like mushrooms. And lets face it, these mushrooms are sauteed in wine so could anyone nighttime love them?

Therefore you also dont or whether you enjoy mushrooms, head over to the Living Litehouse post today for a delightful pasta recipe as well as some picky eater suggestions. Then return and in the opinions below tell me which food you believe that you dont enjoy and when the most recent time you really ate that food was. You might be surprised to discover your taste buds change over time!