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It Was Supposed To Be A Routine Skydive…Until Something Insane Nearly Took His Life

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at 2016.02.09
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When it comes to bucket list stunts, skydiving is often the reigning champ. There”s something about the fear of death washing over you while you free fall out of the sky towards the ground that really gets the adrenaline pumping. But not every dive is created equal. Some are definitely more dangerous than others.

For Anders Helstrup, his skydiving excursion in Oslo, Sweden, was one of the most extraordinary journeys anyone has ever taken not to mention one of the most dangerous. While skydiving, Anders felt like something was off about his jump. When he checked the footage from his dive, he discovered that his gut feeling was right.

While he was diving, pieces of a meteorite came crashing through the sky, swooping right past his head. He was centimeters away from being hit. What he didn”t know was that he was taking historic footage.

(via NRK)

Anders didn”t realize he was recording the first ever footage of a meteorite in “dark flight.” This is when a meteorite is no longer on fire, but is instead just a giant rock falling from the sky. Pretty amazing, right?

I”m sure Anders is thankful that he survived such a dangerous mission with meteorites whizzing by his head, but it certainly doesn”t seem like he”ll be giving up skydiving anytime soon.

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