Men and women have quite different symptoms of heart attack.

If You Have These Symptoms, You Might Be Facing a Heart Attack in the Next 30 Days

Believe it or not, but men and women have a quite different symptoms of heart attack. In women, some symptoms appear as much as thirty days before the heart attack.

The first of the symptoms that may indicate a risk of heart attack is shortness of breath. Women who have difficulty breathing are under enormous risk of a heart attack. The point is that the respiratory and cardiovascular system fit together. So, when the heart receives less blood, therefore the lungs have less oxygen, and the consequence of all this is shortness of breath.

Another symptom is a feeling of weakness in the muscles. Decreased blood flow causes the whole body to suffer from lack of oxygen. Blood circulation is getting worse, so that muscles cannot work normally.

The third symptom that you should pay attention is the cold sweat. If you inexplicably experience dizziness or a cold sweat, it is quite possible that you are in the pre-cardiac condition. This symptom is especially pronounced when a person suddenly stands up, because the blood fails to arrive in time to the brain.

The fourth symptom is chest tightness. When the coronary artery is narrowing, it is preventing normal blood flow, and this builds twinge in the chest. Over time, it begins to prick, and then the pain.