Skin tags can pop-out anywhere and they can be of size of grain of rice or up to the size of a pea. These tags are rather annoying than problematic. If you got a fair face then having a skin tag will make things worse so under mention is the reason why we have these in the first place.


Why we have skin tags?

They occur where skin folds so clothing may seem irritating in time. Groin area, eyelids, breasts, or neck is probably the skin areas where they pop out.

There are various reasons to which they occur, but most of the time they are related to obesity or overweight. Some studies say that there is a connection between human papilloma virus and skin tags. If anyone in your family has them then there is a great chance you will also have them.

One of the reason for skin tags is lymphatic system congestion. If there is constant friction on some part of the body then you will see them popping out because of toxins.

What to do when they pop out?

The best solution for this is apple cider vinegar. You need to apply twice per day to have sufficient affect. It will possibility take 3 to 5 weeks for them to completely vanish, but if the situation is worse it can take more time.

Castor Oil and baking soda

Make paste of castor oil and baking soda to apply on skin tags. You can also cover it via bandage for maximum result. Apply until they are completely gone.

Tea tree Oil

Put 2, 3 drops of tea tree oil on a cotton ball and moist with water. You can apply direct to the tags and cover it with bandage. If you will continue this process then within a week or two you will see tags dropping off.