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He Heard Something Strange Outside, But Never Expected To See Anything Like This

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at 2016.04.21
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When you”re home alone at night, the last thing you expect to hear outside your house is the sound of crackling electricity. Sure, there are power lines outside your home carrying thousands of watts of power every second, but it”s not too often that you actually get to see the dangerous, deadly potential of that power.

That is, unless you happened to be living in the same Quebec neighborhood as Huw Griffiths in 2013. Then the sight of an electric fireball traveling down your power lines might not seem too weird after all.

(source: YouTube)

While it might look like ball lightning, the fireball in this case likely has a more conventional explanation. A tree branch probably fell on the wires and began to vaporize because of the electricity pulsing through the wires.

The gases coming off of the vaporizing branch allowed the wires to “arc” with one another, which gives us the fireball in the video. Still, that”s pretty terrifying.

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