If youve had a cough for the last few days and you cannot get rid of it, then try one of the best known and most effective natural ways to combat cough cabbage and honey.Get Rid of Your Cough With This Old Remedy, Made From 2 Simple Ingredients


  • 1-2 cabbage leaves
  • Honey


Take a leaf of cabbage and place it in boiling water for a few minutes, or until warm and soft.

Then apply honey on one side of the cabbage leaf and put it on your chest. On top of the honey and the leaf put a plastic bag and wrap yourself with a scarf or a towel. Perform this method before bedtime.

If you have a stronger cough, you will need two pieces of cabbage, one to be placed on your chest and the other one on your back. Remove everything in the morning, and have the treatment last for about 5 to 7 nights, after which the cough disappears without a trace.


The active ingredients in honey and cabbage, as well as heat, will contribute to the reduction of cough and disappearance of inflammation. Honey can also be replaced with warm castor oil.