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Fig and Clementine Port Wine Popsicles

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at 2015.10.23
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Fig and Clementine Port Wine Popsicles ~ This week Im setting aside the stemware and serving port wine on a stick.

Fig and Clementine Port Wine Popsicles

Fig and Clementine Port Wine Popsicles

I wonder whether there’s a sommelier someplace prepared to launch her or his spittoon at me. Perhaps. But Im thinking after one swift lick the notion wont look quite so incorrect.

The Consequences!

The image above is what I callThe Consequences. I believed it might be enjoyable to share what things look like after the shots. See the peeled, peeled, chopped and entire tangerines? I attempted to fit the in the image but simply couldnt get it to appear right. When it comes to figs, the insides were green enough to photograph those was nt made by it. Same with the broken popsicle of the kind completely. Essentially theres additional food and consistently rejects /props so that if things begin to wither and wilt I can immediately replace it with fresh appearing standins that are prepared as back up. There are times when somethings are left out entirely since I cant make it operate. ie. the tangerines. Hopefully, this entire photography touch will get easier with experience. And in case youre wondering, what the results are to the extras. The other times, like anything else in my refrigerator, it goes bad before I can get to it.

Reach the hop on through to Endless Simmer for recipe and post writeup on Clementine Port Wine Popsicles and these Fig.

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