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Don’t Fear Sharks: These 25 Mundane Things Are Actually WAY More Deadly

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at 2016.02.11
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Are you afraid of sharks? Who are we kidding? Of course you are!

Their sharp teeth, massive jaws, and uncanny ability to appear out of nowhere, make them the stuff of nightmares. But here”s the thing: when you look at the numbers, it”s clear that there are literally hundreds of things out there that are far more deadly than sharks.

While it”s still always a good idea to do your best to avoid them, the likelihood of being killed by a shark is extremely low. Below is just a sample of things that cause more deaths per year than the toothy sea creatures.

1. Televisions


Apparently, you should be less afraid of the subjects of “Shark Week,” and more terrified of the TV you watch it on. In 2011, televisions caused 29 deaths.

2. Cell Phones

Cell Phones

Aside from terrible auto correct fails, texting and driving is incredibly dangerous, causing 6,000 deaths in the U.S. each year.

3. Bathtubs


There are certain things you just shouldn”t do in the tub – for instance, blow-dry your hair. Or, say, taking a nap. There are roughly 300 bathtub drowning deaths per year, many from falling asleep.

4. Pencils


These simple writing implements are the cause of around 100 deaths per year. And we”re letting children use these things?!

5. Vending Machines

Vending Machines

Somehow, vending machines actually cause more deaths than snake and shark-related deaths combined. High calories aren”t the only reason not to get that bag of chips from the vending machine!

6. Lightning


Every year, 40-60 people are killed by lightning. So now when someone says they”re afraid of a shark attack, you can tell them that they”re more likely to be struck by lightning…and you WON”T be lying.

7. Trampolines


Trampolines have a dark side. They contribute to tons of injuries and around 2 deaths per year.

8. Candles


A night in with the missus can go south (and not in a good way) if you end up setting things on fire, literally. In North America alone, candles cause 120 deaths and 10,000 fires per year.

9. Staircases


Each year in the U.S., roughly 1,600 people die in stair-related accidents. In conclusion: use the railings!

10. Black Friday

Black Friday

The death toll during Black Friday stampedes over the last several years is higher than fatalities caused by sharks. Remember folks, online shopping saves lives.

11. Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are a favorite summertime meal at outdoor parties and county fairs. Sadly, though, the consumption of hot dogs causes the choking deaths of 13 people in the U.S. per year.

12. Ties


Some men wouldn”t be caught dead without one of these stylish accessories, which are actually linked to the deaths of roughly 10 people yearly.

13. Space Heaters

Space Heaters

Portable heaters cause 40 deaths each year, which is why I always say better cold than dead!

14. Jellyfish


This should go without saying, but if you see a jellyfish, do NOT touch it. These suckers can have some seriously deadly stings, causing over 200 deaths around the world every year.

15. Beds


Every year, 450 people die just from falling out of bed. Screw Tempur-Pedic mattresses, I”m sleeping on the floor.

16. Balloons


Clowns are terrifying, but balloons are deadly. In 2013, the deaths of 6 kids were linked to balloons.

17. Fireworks


Seven deaths are caused by fireworks every year. So when your neighbor tells you he knows what he”s doing with his store-bought fireworks, HE”S LYING TO YOU.

18. Swing Sets

Swing Sets

A reminder of childhood fun for most, swing sets contribute to the deaths of over 20 people each year. Childhood: ruined.

19. Ladders


Probably largely due to friends getting distracted or walking away when they”re supposed to be spotting you, ladders cause around 113 deaths yearly.

20. Lawnmowers


When you”re told to help out with the yard work next time, just say “75 people die every year because of lawnmower-related injuries.” That should get you out of it.

21. Champagne Corks

Champagne Corks

Never stand in front of someone while uncorking champagne – worldwide, 24 people are killed by these corks-turned-projectiles.

22. Icicles


In Russia alone, icicles turn into cold daggers that fall from the sky, killing 100 people each year.

23. Furniture


All the more reason to hire movers next time: 26 people are crushed by heavy furniture each year.

24. Dogs


Man”s best friend sometimes has a pretty mean bite. Annually, dog bites are the cause of 30 fatalities. Bad dog!

25. Coconuts


Coconuts are all well and good, until they”re trying to kill you while on vacation. Don”t become one of the 150 people who are killed each year by falling coconuts.

(via List25)

Sharks are often demonized in the media as cold-blooded killers. But do we blame the coconuts that naturally fall from trees when they hit someone on the head? Nope.

So instead of worrying about sharks, be on the look out for these things that are far more dangerous and much more common.

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