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Celebrate Humanity’s Wonderful Weirdness By Learning About Global Superstitions

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at 2016.04.19
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Nothing speaks to the uniqueness of a nation and its people quite like superstitions. These nonsensical behaviors become normalized over time, but the second we shift our gaze to another culture’s superstitions (just after throwing salt over our shoulders, no doubt), we’re confronted with their inherent strangeness.

By exploring superstitious behaviors from around the world, we’re able to view our own rituals and beliefs through a more objective lens. From whistle etiquette to chopstick placement, these global superstitions celebrate humanity’s wackiness in all its glory.

Well, I guess hair stylists in India get a nice break every Tuesday! While superstitions are always illogical, they speak volumes about cultural heritage. So go ahead and avoid those cracks in the sidewalk. You don’t want to send Mom to the hospital, do you?

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