We all know that going in the solarium can cause skin cancer.

CAUTION! Did You Know That You Can Get A Sexually Transmitted Disease In A Solarium

With the arrival of warmer days many will visit the tanning parlors without asking themselves how much damage that will cause to their health. Staphylococci is a bacterium that can cause a skin infection, fecal bacteria, virus herpes and genital warts that lead to HPV, and can withstand great heat in the solarium and survive.

Genital warts are common and cause attention, because they are ugly, can be infected by bacteria and may indicate a damaged immune system. In women, most frequently occurring types are 16 & 18, which can cause cervical cancer.

We all know that going in the solarium can cause skin cancer and many other diseases, though it does not prevent us to continue going in the solarium. We hope that this discovery will make you leave the artificial sun. Research which involved 4000 people found that people who use the solarium before the age of 35 increase the risk of malignant melanoma by 75%. Another downside is that radiation from tanning beds is more dangerous than radiation from the sun at noon.

Dermatologist Dawn Marie Davis says that bacteria can survive in spite of the heat in the solarium.

All the bacteria we have in the skin are transferred onto the beds. Even though we heat your body, it is not enough to kill them, and they become stronger and more resilient, says Davis

If you sweat, it only contributes to the ability of bacteria and viruses to reproduce. If you have a cut or damaged skin, which is not rare, it is much more likely to get an infection.

Ultraviolet light can theoretically kill bacteria, but in the solarium it is not strong enough to destroy them, warns Davis.