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A Simple Experiment Exposes The Simple, Dangerous Truth About Cell Phone Batteries

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at 2016.02.18
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Lithium polymer batteries are everywhere these days. Due to their small size and large storage potential, you can often find these batteries inside most smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

These batteries are safe for the most partunless they”re punctured. Aside from causing the battery to not work, puncturing a lithium polymer battery might make it explode, like the one in the video below.

(source Fabio Gomes)

Before you panic and throw your electronic devices away, it”s important to remember that the guy in the video above is actually trying to puncture the battery. These occurrences rarely happen by accident.

The battery in your phone is usually protected by the phone”s enclosure. This is so that if it”s accidentally dropped, no explosions will occur. However, if you”re feeling particularly paranoid (like me), you could buy a heavy-duty case.

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