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25 Days Of Creepy Christmas, Day 17: Horror Movies That Are Also About Christmas

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at 2016.05.02
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Most of us know the Christmas movie classics like Home Alone, A Christmas Story, and many more. But if you”re not in the mood for that sentimental and gooey Christmas specials, you can add a little bit of grit to your Christmas cheer with some alternative movies. These creepy Christmas flicks will hit you like a heavily spiked egg nog.

1. Gremlins


A kid receives a very mysterious pet for Christmas, and carelessly disregards the three important rules in caring for the pet. This will turn out to be his greatest mistake.

2. Black Christmas

<i>Black Christmas</i>

A murderous psycho invades a house of sorority girls who should have went home for Christmas break.

3. Sint


During a full moon in December, Santa kidnaps and murders children astride a horse in this Dutch film.

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas

<i>The Nightmare Before Christmas</i>

Although not a true horror film, the spooky characters that inhabit Halloweentown along with Jack Skeleton are delightfully unaccustomed to Christmas cheer, but hopelessly eager to learn.

5. Silent Night, Bloody Night

<i>Silent Night, Bloody Night</i>

A man inherits a house that once used to be a asylum. When he starts investigating crimes that happened hundred of years ago, it awakens something evil.

6. Jack Frost

<i>Jack Frost</i>

This freaky film is kind of like the Michael Keaton version, only without the mushy father-son relationship and the forced family moments. In this one, a serial killer comes back to life as a snowman and does more serial killer-type things.

7. The Children

<i>The Children</i>

Due to some mysterious sickness, the children turn on their parents on a Christmas vacation like no other.

8. P2


A woman was on her way home for Christmas when the psychopath security guard with a crush won”t let her leave the parking garage.

9. Silent Night

<i>Silent Night</i>

Someone dressed as Santa goes on a murderous rampage in a small Midwestern town.

10. Rare Exports: A Christmas

<i>Rare Exports: A Christmas</i>

As freaky as these movies are, I don”t think anything could top those Miser Brothers Christmas movies. What a truly weird and horrifying caprice those things turned out to be.


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